About John deBary

 John deBary / Proteau

Proteau was developed by John deBary (or simply JdB) thanks to the unsurpassed culinary diversity available in New York City, the place he calls home.

To create Proteau, JdB scoured the aisles of famous New York shops like Kalustyan’s and drew upon years of nerdy research into Italian amaro, fortified wines, and vermouth. Challenging himself to remove alcohol from the equation, he wanted to prove that you don’t necessarily need an alcohol-based drink to have the same intellectually engaging, food- friendly experience.

For nearly a decade, JdB has been crafting unusual concoctions for some of the world’s most renowned bars and restaurants.

He worked at the acclaimed neo-speakeasy PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and most recently served as the Bar Director for the Momofuku restaurant group. For years he assisted Food & Wine magazine with their annual cocktail book, and is a frequent contributor to Liquor. com, GQ, and PUNCH. His forthcoming cocktail book will be published by Clarkson Potter in Spring 2020.

Proteau exists to make the world more delicious. A harmonic convergence of terrestrial botanicals from all over the globe, it is a pleasingly balanced arrangement of bitter, floral, and fruit notes designed to delight day or night.